Best Sports Betting - Betting on Football Online in Singapore 2022

There are a lot of fans in Singapore who like sports betting. Sports betting in Singapore is about predicting various game results and simultaneously placing a wager. Sports betting can be done online via several existing online sports betting sites.

Finding a legal, safe, and fun platform to place sports betting online may be handy as many platforms are available. Doing in-depth research to choose your favorite online sports betting platform in Singapore would be best.

In this article, we will walk through the WeWin55 platform, Singapore's best online sports betting, its features, and why you should place your bets with us today.

Welcome to the Best Online Sports Betting Singapore

WeWin55 is the number one online casino and sports betting site in Singapore, offering customers a wide range of sports to bet on. Our platform is equipped with the best security in place, ensuring that customers have the best experience possible while placing a bet on our site and providing our customers with the best promotions and bonuses.

We ensure that our services are licensed and guaranteed to be safe for our customer base. Our platform at WeWin55 is equipped with V2 Platform Enhancement, as we understand the importance of having a great platform to get a fun experience in online sports betting.

At WeWin55, we strive daily to improve our services and platform while ensuring our customers have an enjoyable experience placing a wager with us. We give customers top-notch customer service because of that. At any time of the day or night, our customer excellence team can be reached, ready to assist you in any of your queries, making us the best online casino in Singapore.

You're thinking, what are the popular sportsbooks offered by our platform at WeWin55? We will walk through every popular game you can play at WeWin55.

Types of Popular Sportsbook Offered by WeWin55

At WeWin55, we work hard to provide our customers with the top-quality, fun sports betting games they can enjoy online. SBOBET, M8bet, and CMD368 are some of the popular sportsbooks. Look at the sportsbooks listed to find out what they are about.


SBOBET is the world's leading online gaming company specializing in Asian Handicap sports and has won the Asian Operator of the Year for 2 years in a row. One of the world's leading online gaming brands is available for you to enjoy on our platform. Football betting, casino, racing, and games are some sports you can bet on here. Many of our customers in Singapore love to bet on football tournaments such as the World Cup. You can enjoy online betting with your friends with a few simple clicks through our platform.


One of the industry's established names is IBCbet, one of the several online betting platforms available for sports. Cricket, football, and Formula One auto races are just a few sporting matches customers can enjoy at IBCbet. The user-friendly interface ideal for your online sports betting needs is one of the things that our team loves about IBCbet.


M8bet is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in Asia. Since 2012 M8bet has been licensed and regulated in the Philippines. There are more than 3000 games available to bet online at M8bet. WeWin55 offers our customers the best access to all 3000 games on M8bet for you to enjoy, whether alone or with your friends. The perfect sport for Singapore fans, M8bet is one of the best platforms to place a wager on football matches, similar to SBOBET.


CMD368 is a popular online betting platform with diverse in-game selection and mobile accessibility. The platform provides customers with live matches and great bet types, such as Asian Handicaps, Over & Under, Odd & Even, 12 Fixed Odds, Correct Score, Total Goal, and Special Outright Betting. If you sign up with us at WeWin55, you will get the most competitive odds for placing a bet with CMD368.

Types of Singapore's Favorite Betting Sports

The online betting industry is different depending on where you are in the world. Even though football matches are still the most popular sports online, there are other games that people love to place a wager on.

Online sports betting fans in Singapore would place many bets on football matches and international games. We also have a large fan base on sepak takraw, basketball, and e-sports betting.

Let's look at each of the favorite betting sports for Singapore:-

Football Betting:

Football fans in Singapore do not have to worry. You can find a list of football matches at WeWin55 that include all major football leagues and matches, such as the European Championship Champion League, the English Football League, and the World Cup. Before it is too late, sign up with us at WeWin55 and place your bets.

SepakTakraw Betting:

A game called Sepaktakraw is a game between two teams with three players each. One of the most popular sports to enjoy by Singapore worldwide is sepak takraw, a traditional game from Southeast Asia. Fans of kick volleyball can now place a bet on their favorite team on the best online sports betting platform in Singapore, WeWin55.

Basketball Betting:

Basketball betting is another favorite sport in Singapore. Basketball betting is the fastest-growing betting sport in the industry and the most popular league in the NBA. Our customers at WeWin55 can place a wager on their favorite teams in various ways, and the most popular forms of basketball bettings are point spread, Moneyline, and Over/ Under totals.

E-Sports Betting:

In Singapore, it is relatively new to bet on e-sports. More and more people are paying attention to e-sports in games like Counter-Strike and other big games. Our team at WeWin55 works hard to bring e-Sports betting to the country's fans. WeWin55 is the best online betting platform in Singapore, and you can get the latest live score for all your favorite tournaments and games.

Tips to Choose the Best Singapore Online Betting Site:

Even though online casino games are not regulated in Singapore, many online sports betting platforms still cater to sports fans in the country. It is a good idea for fans and customers in the industry to ensure the platform they choose is the best Singapore online betting site.

The banking options available, a proper licensing, a wide choice of the sports market, a trustworthy security top with great customer support, and amazing bonuses and promotions are some of the features you need to consider in your online betting platform.

Banking Option:

Different people prefer different methods for depositing and withdrawing. Some players prefer to use a credit card, while others prefer to use a mobile banking card. E-wallets are a popular option for placing wagers. All the payment methods for you to have the most enjoyable experience on our platform are enabled at WeWin55.

Proper Licensing:

Proper licensing is the next thing that needs to be done. Every online casino site needs proper licensing to guarantee a safe and secure online gaming experience. At WeWin55, we make sure that all of our services are registered with the proper license and regulations. Among the licenses we have are a license from Pagcor and a license from Gaming Curacao.

Wide Choice of Sports Market

Everybody in the online betting industry likes a mixture of different types of games to place a bet on. At WeWin55, we work hard to provide our customers with a wide choice of the sports market so they can enjoy placing bets on their favorite games without restrictions. Baseball, football, horse racing, and golf are some of the sports that WeWin55 has to offer. You can watch the action unfold in real-time with bonus points given to sportsbooks that provide live streams. To those who allow live betting to keep the action going.

Security and Safety:

Since you're gambling with real money when you use any of the best Singapore sports betting sites, it's important that the site can be trusted with your funds and personal information. Our experts at WeWin55 always work to make sure that our gaming providers have valid online betting regulations.

Singapore Best Odds, Bonuses, and Free Bets:

New players at the best Singapore betting sites are usually given a welcome bonus or a free bet because the sites are always competing. There are many great bonuses and promotions at WeWin55, such as a welcome bonus for new members, a 45% first deposit bonus for new members, a daily reward bonus, and many others. If you sign up with WeWin55 today, you will get great promotions.

Great Customer Support:

Any online betting site needs to provide excellent customer support. WeWin55 offers both English and SG support and friendly and efficient customer service. Without worrying about language barriers, it is easier for you to get the assistance you need.


The community in Singapore has gained traction with online betting. It's easier to gamble online but harder for players to choose from because there are a lot of online sports betting platforms and mobile apps available. Fans of the industry need to choose the best platforms to enjoy their betting experience.

At WeWin55, we guarantee that our members will have a fun time placing a wager with our wide range of online gambling games, coupled with a great interface and excellent customer support to ensure you have a smooth-sailing experience.

Sign up today, and enjoy betting your favorite sports with us at WeWin55.

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